“I should say Kyrie”

Kyrie Irving is one of the most skilled guards in the league. Even before him, there were players who could make life difficult for opponents with their bag of skills. Among them was three-time Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford.

J-Crossover had a brief stint with the Brooklyn Nets in recent years in the league. At the same time, Kyrie Irving made his way into the team. After seeing the seven-time All-Star up close, Crawford said Kyrie reminded him the most of himself.

Although Crawford was a bench player and Kyrie was always a starter, both had some of the best handles in the league. Speaking about why Kyrie Irving reminded him of his game, Jamal Crawford told NBA Today that:

“I’d have to say Kyrie, because we’ve had a chance to train together. Some of the things we see, a lot of people see handles, but the things we talk about are the handles, the footwork and then the mind, it’s all connected.

“So when you do those three things, it’s like we’re Neo in the Matrix just dribbling because we’re just arriving on the scene at that moment and navigating traffic.

“So I think we see things the same way, I think we’re more alike, even though we’re different in terms of size as I’m 6.5 and he’s 6.3.”

Kyrie Irving also has one of the best layup packages in the league. Jamal Crawford wasn’t far behind either. Both are also exceptional scorers and can dribble past opponents with ease.

These are all indications that both have similar playing styles. Both have played different roles in their careers, but there’s no denying that both have had their individual impact on the game.

This angle of Jamal Crawford’s layup with 1:10 left is pretty crazy because you can actually see Boris Diaw put the ball on the ball as Crawford lays it up. https://t.co/OsfpkJoL9J

How important is next season for Kyrie Irving?

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics - Game One

Kyrie Irving’s 60 game against the Magic was a thing of beauty. https://t.co/TeJvb2sW8q

Regardless of what happens in his future with the Nets, next season will be an important one for Kyrie Irving. The 30-year-old has faced a lot of criticism over his decision not to get the covid vaccine.

He missed more than half of last season with the Nets. However, the 2016 NBA champion must now put their best foot forward.

Kyrie Irving is eligible for a max contract extension this offseason. However, the franchise decided not to offer him the maximum offer due to his availability issues.

He then opted out of his contract with the Nets. After that, he was linked with a move to the LA Lakers. However, it looks like he will represent the Nets next season as well.

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