Most ideal Way to Travel Nepal in Restricted Time


Going in Nepal is loaded with tomfoolery and experience. It requires heaps of investment to travel Nepal as the touristic objective is situated at furthest corner of Himalayas. You need to think of more than week long excursion to finish one experience trip in Nepal.

We have chosen to modify your excursion; so you can deal with your outing inside your movement get-away. Here are rundown of tweaked trip in Nepal:

Everest Headquarters Heli Journey:

Everest Headquarters Heli Journey is the best blend of awesome traveling experience as well as heli ride back to Kathmandu. Ideal for those needs to travel the Headquarters of Everest yet can’t manage the cost of over about fourteen days to finish the ordinary Everest Headquarters trip.

Everest Headquarters Helicopter journey gives exceptional chance to see Everest by means of both way – land view and ethereal view. It ends the issue of returning a similar course to Lukla. It offers additional extravagance and solace.

Trip Realities:

Trip Name: Everest Headquarters Helicopter Journey
Trip Days: 12
Trip Mode: Moderate
Best Season: Spring and Harvest time

Everest Heli Visit

On the off chance that you have recently a day in Nepal and need some nearby experience of Himalayas, then Everest Heli visit is the ideal choice for you. It begins from Kathmandu and fly north east towards Lukla – the entry point of Everest district. In the wake of refueling at Lukla, we fly north towards Everest Headquarters and Kalapatthar. During the flight, you will actually want to observer of series of interesting ice sheets, mountain pinnacles, backwoods and Sherpa towns. We will land at Kalapatthar to have very close view Everest.

Trip Realities:

Trip Name: Everest Heli Visit
Trip Days: 01
Trip Time: 04 – 06 hours
Trip Mode: Moderate
Best Season: Spring and Harvest time

Annapurna Headquarters Helicopter Trip

Annapurna BC Helicopter journey the ideal mix of both traveling and heli ride across the marvelous scenes of the Annapurna area. It is the quickest method for arriving at the Headquarters of Annapurna and partake in the tops in the entirety of its greatness. The flying perspective on Annapurna safe-haven is something other than an enchanted which shouldn’t be visible essentially from the land. The airborne view adds more experience and enjoyable to the journey.

Annapurna BC Heli Trip is ideal for the people who have restricted opportunity to travel back or are not sufficiently sure to travel back the entire way to street course. Likewise ideal for those needs to finish their experience in style, solace and extravagance.

Trip Realities:

Trip Name: Annapurna BC Helicopter Journey
Trip Days: 09
Trip Mode: Moderate
Best Season: Spring and Harvest time

Aside from Everest and Annapurna, Heli visit can diminish time in all journeying courses in Nepal. You can ask from Heli visit to Langtang, Manaslu, Makalu, Dolpa, Dhaulagiri or other traveling courses of Nepal. Assuming you are taking typical journeying bundle, we propose you to take quickest transportation mode and walk long. It implies use trip rather than land transport and stroll for no less than 7 – 9 hours of day.

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